KIZUNA: Building a Decentralized Future.

3 min readNov 7, 2023


Artificial Intelligence is shaping our future. Decentralization is the only key to scaling and safeguarding a humanitarian future.

KIZUNA — The Mascot of Decentralized AI.

In the infinite journey of KIZUNA, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture where history drives future, where challenges morph into opportunities, and meaningful connections shape our future. In this blog, we dive into the intricacy of decentralized AI, the Bittensor network and the future of KIZUNA.

Bittensor Subnets

Bittensor is a consensus engine that hosts and provisions the creation of intelligence commodity markets. ‘Subnet’ is the keyword attributed to these aforementioned intelligence markets; each has its own consensus and reward mechanism programmed with freedom by its creator.

Subnet 1 — text prompting, is OpenTensor’s flagship demonstrative commodity market. Intelligence providers (miners) on Subnet 1 are validated for answering queries using a machine learning model.

KizunaTensor — Substantiating Kizuna TAO

KizunaTensor accepts prompt requests and returns responses from Subnet 1 miners, filtered by validators whom obtain and send the best response according to the native written consensus.

  • KIZUNA TAO is delegated with the Taostats validator, which on Subnet 1 — checks, selects and awards TAO to text prompting intelligence miners.
  • Each time an intelligence transaction is executed on Bittensor, TAO is mined and distributed to miners and validators.
  • KizunaTensor is interface to an API that asks the taostats validator to generate a response, each time mining new TAO for taostats and its delegates — therefore boosting KIZUNA’s delegation APR.

Chapter 2 Endures

There is no end to the Kizuna story…

Kizuna is indefinte.

Kizuna is perpetual.

Kizuna is always.

Chapter 2 continues.

But there are chapters which showcase stepping stones we must take to fulfil our cause — immortalizing Kizuna as the recognized mascot and guardian of AI through decentralization.

KizunaTensor is part of a stepping stone; a demonstration, a showcasing, a tangible reflection of what we the people can all do for the cause.

This chapter in our journey has not yet concluded, more must be done.

To follow…Chapter 3 lurks.

Follow teh Kanji

KIZUNA was conjured under the influence of Ryoshi’s principles, they echo in our Kanji.

Written — they advertise no leader, no single point of blame or failure, no individual.

There is no “you”, there is no “me”, there is only a harmonious “us”.

Kizuna Kanji.

The Crane graciously guides us in perpetuity.

Being a Kizuna Guardian means having permissionless rite to represent Kizuna values irrespective of method or origin; building, communicating, researching or otherwise is hereby permitted to all who believe. We are all responsible for safeguarding and directing the ongoing AI-driven transition of humanity.

Anyone who is Kizuna is free to build, contribute, commit expenditure or otherwise, to further our common cause.

Champion Kizuna. Be memetic. Build connections.

KIZUNA forever!




$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.