$KIZUNA — Decentralization Reborn.

4 min readOct 2, 2023


Wouldn’t Decentralized AI be a more appropriate experiment for launching a cryptocurrency?

Enter $KIZUNA — the first token built from decentralized AI network Bittensor, inspired by Ryoshi’s successful principles of decentralized maximalism.

Here’s how:


Ryoshi proved that applying specific principles of decentralization can lead to huge success. This was evident with the original decentralized experiment $SHIB that reached an ATH $40Bn market cap.

Centralized AI models like ChatGPT have shown they can create tokens, but decentralized AI would be a more valid experiment for creating a decentralized token. Bittensor offers just that, using Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus to incentivize intelligence.

Many tools are already built on top of Bittensor. One of them is ChatGPT-like prompting interface BitAPAI chat.bitapai.io

Influenced by the principles of Ryoshi, BitAPAI was asked to emulate the next successful decentralized experiment. To start, the AI was streamed blog posts from the Ryoshi archives so it has contextual knowledge: https://shorturl.at/mqBHT

It was then prompted for new ideas for a token following the learned Ryoshi ideology, responding with:

  • ZenToken
  • BushidoCoin
  • SakuraToken
  • KizunaToken

To keep human intervention to a minimum, the AI was asked to choose the idea most synonymous with Ryoshi’s philosophies. The answer was KizunaToken — focusing on building strong bonds and connections.

An idea is born.

Now, every token needs a mascot.

$SHIB is based on the Shiba Inu dog, $KIZUNA needs a visual identity of its own. The AI was prompted for a character that would accurately represent it.

So, a crane.

Now it needs a logo. The AI was asked for a midjourney prompt to generate a visual representation of Kizuna. Here is the prompt and the results:

$KIZUNA now has a logo:

$SHIB (and other rumoured Ryoshi coins) tend to have manifesto type articles that breakdown community principles and a vision. $KIZUNA should have its own manifesto of principles and vision too:

Now $KIZUNA has an identity, principles and a vision.

What about a website? $KIZUNA needs a color scheme and some copy:

Now, the contract.

The goal of this experiment is to be able to have decentralized AI emulate the success of Ryoshi’s last one — $SHIB. Decentralized AI considers using the same contract as $SHIB a good option:

Now the $KIZUNA contract has the same reliable and secure code as $SHIB and is deployed, ready to be paired with some trading liquidity.

An emulated launch sequence is needed for the validity of the experiment:

Quote from one of the Ryoshi archives:

‘There is no greatness without a vulnerable point’.

50% of the TOTAL $KIZUNA supply has been sent to Ryoshi $SHIB deployer: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd6ce694ef9757d09aaed6b317c5717dded69305ea2e7075ca879605102114517

$KIZUNA is now live on Uniswap.

LP is locked in KizunaLPBurn contract forever, the UNI-V3-POS NFT can never be transferred from this contract: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb5190a5e7604a291885ae373d526538894db9429e493b56350b80756e6ac8a86

Contract: 0x470c8950C0c3aA4B09654bC73b004615119A44b5

Web: https://kizunatoken.io

X: https://x.com/KizunaToken

Telegram: t.me/KizunaOfficial




$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.