KIZUNA: Creaking the Door into Chapter 4.

2 min readJan 11, 2024


The Harmonious Alignment Dance of Principles and Protocol.


Now here we are, at a pivotal juncture in our journey, the cusp of Chapter 3’s grand finale — where the strength of bonds forged up to now will be put to the test at the entrance steps of Chapter 4.

In this post we recalibrate, examining the timeline of our infinite journey and what lies ahead. We discuss the alignment of Bittensor and KIZUNA in now matching principle-protocol decentralization, and re-open KizunaTensorBot with updates present and future.

Alignment | tnemngilA

KIZUNA’s Alignment

In an era where decentralization is more than a mere concept but a guiding principle, the recent Bittensor proposal marks a pivotal shift towards a more democratic ecosystem, powered by the people.

The nuances of a founder’s proposal and dynamic TAO amplifies decentralized governance, allowing for a more participatory approach in shaping the future of Decentralized Superintelligence. This harmonious alignment with Kizuna’s manifesto of decentralized maximalism, a philosophy deeply rooted in the principles established by Ryoshi, is not just a mere coincidence but a testament to the shared vision of a decentralized future, crafted meticulously by architects of human-digital liberty.

The Dance of Openness: KizunaTensor

KizunaTensorBot emerges evolved, embodying openness and transparency with its latest suite of updates.

Advancements in our beloved bot including Direct Messaging, profanity screening, sophisticated rate limiting, and a cumulative TAO mined counter per each subnet intertwined.

Each feather woven into KIZUNA is a step towards a more open and interconnected world.

The feather of Lovelace is weaving now.

Testing the Feathers

Ada Lovelace at the door of Chapter 4.

At the precipice of Chapter 3’s grand finale, we find ourselves reflecting on the intricate feathers we’ve woven thus far, while peering at the creaking door of Chapter 4.

This segment of our flight — a tapestry of triumphant contributions — tests the resilience of the bonds we’ve meticulously forged since Ryoshi inspired teh Crane’s creation. As we stand at this critical juncture, where our Lovelace is tested for her fortitude, reward awaits the steadfast who still (and infinitely) wear the Crane’s feathers.

The chain will open the door, and forever reward all who wear her feathers.

KIZUNA forever!




$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.