KIZUNA: Chapter Two Prelude

2 min readOct 17, 2023


Setting the scene for chapter two, a first step toward a harmonious future.

The Kizuna Red-Crowned Crane takes a first step.

KIZUNA has taken first steps toward tangible participation in Decentralized AI.

The KIZUNA TAO Wallet is now a contributor to decentralized computation of superintelligence on the Bittensor Network. As a beginning, and a prelude to a much larger Chapter 2 Plan, we are opening our very first doorway to the people for a future that truly serves humanity.

  • Registered on Subnet 1 — Text Prompting.
  • Delegated 200 $TAO stake to Opentensor Foundation.
  • Nominated KIZUNA for stake delegation.
KIZUNA Bittensor Wallet Distribution

By beginning with these steps, we are not just exemplifying what it means to live by Kizuna’s principles and stand guardian to AI, but we are setting the stage for the indefinite network effect to come — an immutable reward system for our community.

By delegating stake with the biggest participant in Subnet 1, Opentensor Foundation, KIZUNA has become eligible for TAO reward emissions.

Anyone can delegate their stake to KIZUNA using Bittensor’s BTCLI with this command:

btcli root delegate --delegate_ss58key 5H4JF2aaxuBLxgNhgYJ3pKs9PhXdKU98NZRfho5rVtmG12ko --amount <tao_amount> <your_wallet_name> --wallet.hotkey <your_hotkey>
Kizuna Network Participation

All rewards will flow to the hands of those who are KIZUNA.

The scene is set. Prelude.

KIZUNA forever!




$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.