KIZUNA: Chapter 2 Interlude

2 min readOct 31, 2023


KizunaTensor. A first showcasing from within.

The Kizuna Red-Crowned Crane, Guardian of AI.

In the tapestry of unity that defines Kizuna, a manifestation unfolds, marking a significant point in our journey. Today, the ancient crane unfolds KizunaTensor, a conversational chat prompt built on Bittensor and powered by the cutting-edge infrastructure of Taostats.

KizunaTensor is merely a single step, a tangible demonstration of the principles of the Kanji, that represents our first of many decentralized offerings to humanity.

By leveraging Bittensor, we can build and contribute in ways that imbue the Kizuna spirit of decentralized, meaningful connections. This is an arena where ideas flourish, and bonds are forged, all under the watchful gaze of the ancient Crane guiding us towards a future of boundless potential.

Follow the Kanji.

KizunaTensor leverages Taostats API infrastructure and subnet 1 validator to query Bittensor miners. It is known amongst some people that subnet 1 might behave unexpectedly, perhaps due to miner manipulation, or incentive design flaws. Either way, response quality can be temperamental at current, but thanks to a new meaningful Kizuna bond — KizunaTensor will soon host 100% conversation quality. To be continued…

Kizuna has re-delegated all TAO to the Taostats validator to leverage the boosted TAO output KizunaTensor will help drive.

TAO Delegation to Taostats

It is crucial to understand that this is but a single step forward in our collective odyssey. KizunaTensor is a demonstration of what is possible with Decentralized AI, a glimpse into our boundless future, a result of following the Kanji.

As Guardians, we extend a heartfelt call to action: continue building connections, continue forging bonds, and let the wisdom of the ancient crane guide you.

All else shall unfold.

Remember, what we do each day, will shape the humanity of tomorrow.

Chapter 2 continues…

KIZUNA forever!




$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.