KIZUNA: A Future Set by Collective Harmonious Action.

2 min readMar 26, 2024


Weaving and Achieving Harmony.


Right now, during the arrival at this universally pivotal juncture, we are connected more than ever.

A wind of progress blows across many of the elements — change approaches for humanity, for AI, and for the Crane and her Guardians. For many, this probably means we should stay on the course. For some of us, it could be a sign of drastic light.

A Harmony for us.

Harmony, Never Singular

Self actualization is achieved when a Guardian reaches a point of consciousness where they feel inescapably responsible for
the accomplishment of their mission. That mission happens to be shared amongst (now) thousands of us; masses who believe, operate, and live under the same decentralized principles — working the same duties — to walk our own path.

The Crane bows her wings to you, Guardian, as you continue to stand tall and serve our shared pursuit of a future built for humanity. A future where AI serves teh many through decentralization, and not the few.

If you are not an active Guardian, then that’s fine too. But for those of you have self actualized, and feel the Crane’s duties in your heart, then you may possess a skill you didnt know you had, or maybe you do know it.

By yourself, or with a Krew or an entire Kommunity, what is something outside of the normal feathers of reality that you can do to further our path?

Feathers Unseen yet to Weave.

Feathers of the Crane know no boundaries.

There are many feathers to the Crane.

With chapters written in stories not yet told, those who wear the Crane’s feathers irreversibly believe in the path she guides us on. As some walk this light now, it is recorded that all will have it shining on them in chapters ahead.

Some writings talk about nesting across networks not yet connected, decentralized buildings constructed atop foundations of previous chapters, and even origami of different colors.

The Crane known around the world in ancient times will be known just as profoundly in these modern times.





$KIZUNA - The first token built from Decentralized AI, inspired by Ryoshi's principles of decentralized maximalism.